Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the beginning.......

This will be my first posting.  I wanted to give a little bit of my background and also my vision for this blog.  I am an ex-Mormon who was raised in the church, lives in Utah ( I add this not because Utahns are more faithful members, only to show that I had a sheltered life)  served a mission and married in the temple.   I came to know Jesus in Sept. of 2008 and have been on fire for Him since.  I spent approx. a year learning the truth about my former religion's true history before I came to Christ.  Ever since my re-birth, I have had a strong desire to share the truth with Mormons.  I originally intended to start a blog about revealing true or fundamentalist Mormonism to those who do not know about it.  After finding that there are a great amount of those kind of blogs out there already, I realized that I wasn't going to be sharing anything new.  As I searched through all these Mormon blogs I didn't find any that argued specifically why Mormons are not Christian.  There are plenty arguing why they are.  Many of the "anti-Mormon" blogs will cover this point, but I thought I would try to dedicate a blog to it.  
   Also, throughout my blog searching I found that many of the "anti-Mormon" blogs were not only critical to the church but also to it's members.  Many of these bloggers seemed very emotional through their writings.  I will do my best to keep my emotions out of this blog.  I will try not to attack individuals keeping my focus on the doctrines of the church.  This won't be easy because many of the doctrines are up for interpretation by the membership (for example the word of wisdom, many members feel it is wrong to drink caffeinated beverages while others think it is OK)  And because the church has sent out it's members to blog on the Internet about their beliefs, there may come a time or two where it may appear that I'm making a personal attack.  
  So let me first tell you how much I love the Mormons.  My entire family is still Mormon, most of my friends and co-workers are Mormon.  All of the people who played a role in my upbringing are Mormon.  I have a deep love for these people, they are who I would call the "very elect".  My deepest intent with this blog is to bring people out of Mormonism and to Christ.  Herein lies the reason for my topic.  Ask any Mormon if they are Christian and they will tell you yes.  The bold ones will tell you that Mormons are the most Christian people on this earth.  So this blogs topic will be about the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.  The ultimate goal being to show Mormons that they do not belong to Christ, and that they need to come to Him.  



  2. Your blog is very nice. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only Christian spreading the Word, and at the same time, getting the cult "Mormonism" exposed to the Mormon people. God bless you in your work!! handmaiden

  3. You can't win a Mormon to Christ by arguing with him or downgrading him. You can do so only if you show respect, have true love for him, and are patient enough to go through Scriptures (Bible) with him. Successful evangelism must include prayer as well.